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About Loving Heart Hospice Foundation

Loving_Heart_Hospice_FoundationIn 1996, Loving Heart Hospice Foundation was established as 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, when it became apparent that many of the terminally ill Patients in our community needed help. TLC Home Hospice found that despite public and privately funded insurance coverage for Hospice, many people are still uninsured, under insured or in such financial need that they cannot afford items critical to quality of life at the end of life. TLC Home Hospice is the largest financial supporter of the Loving Heart Hospice Foundation, providing almost all administrative costs including staffing, office space, equipment and supplies. The Foundation also coordinates with The Moorpark Health Care Center, our very own Skilled Nursing Facility. The Foundation frequently places a charity Patient at the facility when 24 hour nursing care becomes necessary and the family is unable to pay for some or all of the costs. The mission of Loving Heart Hospice Foundation is to provide financial support for activities designed to improve the quality of life for needy Hospice Patients. The Foundation only supports those Patients and their families who can demonstrate financial need. Loving Heart Hospice Foundation is governed by a board made up of community members who are chosen for their commitment to the community and Hospice issues. All have experience with Hospice Caregiving, Senior Issues, Medical Hospice Care, Hospice Volunteering and general business practices. They guide the Foundation’s priorities, application and review processes, ethical standards and fundraising efforts. Much of the assistance the Foundation provides would not be possible without the support of corporations, other foundations and community minded individuals like you! Loving Heart Hospice Foundation appreciates your generosity and thoughtfulness to supporting our cause.

Types of Support The Foundation Funds

➤ Caregiver Relief

➤ Respite Care

➤ Grief Counseling

➤ Medications not Covered by Insurance

➤ Cremation/Funeral Expenses

➤ General Hospice Education

➤ Free Bereavement Counseling

➤ Community Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Today!

Volunteers make a big a difference in the life of the hospice family. They are available to serve in many ways such as providing emotional support, as caring listeners, helping with errands, letter writing and in providing relief to caregivers. Volunteers can also offer their services as clerical assistants in TLC Home Hospice’s office.

Make a Donation Today!

If you wish to make a donation in memory of a loved one you can write a check payable to :

Loving Heart Hospice Foundation
5400 Atlantis Court,
Moorpark, CA 93021

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