Gold Joint Commission seal

Gold Joint Commission seal

The Joint Commission accredits and certifies the best Health care organizations and programs in the United States. This certification is recognized as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards.

Moorpark Health Care Center

Moorpark Health Care Center

(formerly known as Tender Loving Care Facility)

Moorpark Health Care Center is located in the beautiful town of Moorpark. Our facility offers 24 hour quality skilled nursing care in a home setting. We give patients and families an alternative to the traditional hospital-like Skilled Nursing Facilities. You and your loved ones can enjoy the comforts of “home” at our facility.

We offer peace of mind, and a calm, quiet, hospital atmosphere in our spacious 5000 square foot home. Our beautiful custom home facilitates 10 beds, offering 24 hour skilled nursing care in a home setting. State of the art surveillance equipment is employed 24 hours a day.


Our professional services include: Physician visits, podiatry and dentist visits, activity level assessments, RN medication supervision, speech and occupational and physical therapy, dietician services, pharmacist medication evaluation, laboratory services and dialysis services.

Specializing In

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, renal Disease, all other chronic, acute or end stage illness, dementia, heart disease and brain injury.


To be eligible for admission to Moorpark Health Care Center, patients have to meet specific diagnosis criteria:

  1. A life threatening illness with a life expectancy of 5 years or less; or
  2. A terminal illness with a life expectancy of 6 months or less.


The Moorpark Health Care Center is located on a residential street off of New L.A. Avenue near Tierra Rejada, or the old 118 freeway.

4762 Maureen Lane
Moorpark, CA 93021


We offer peace of mind, a calm quiet atmosphere and we’re just a phone call away at

(805) 517-1620. Call for information or feel free to email us at

We will be happy to assist you.